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Wednesday, July 15, 2015 at 12:00 PM

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The 2015 Vans Warped Tour Lineup Announced

Active since 1995, the Warped Tour is the biggest traveling tour to take place in the United States. Unlike other tours, the Warped Tour includes numerous bands that will travel together and perform their biggest hits.

The 2015 tour is still in the making with new bands being introduced to the lineup. Finalization of the tour’s lineup can take months to complete and includes everything from punk to rock and more. While news on the upcoming tour is sparse, there are a few details that have already been finalized and are available to the public.

2015 Dates

Currently, the tour is set to launch on June 19th in Pomona, California. The final date of the tour will be August 8th in Auburn, Washington at the White River Amphitheater. Tickets for the tour will go on sale on 12/12/2014.

In total, the tour will include, as of current, 40 shows from coast to coast.

The Lineup

Six new bands were just added to the tour with the lineup yet to be finalized. We expect that more bands and artists will be added prior to the start of the tour. Currently, the following bands have all been confirmed:

Trophy Eyes

Hailing from Australia. Trophy Eyes is a hardcore / pop punk group. The band is best known for their songs, “In Return,” “Hourglass” and “May 24”.


A dance / rock group, the band hails from Iselin, New Jersey. The most popular songs the band has played include “Player Haters’ Ball” and “High & Low”.

Kosha Dillz

The hardest worker in hip hop. Kosha is another New Jersey native known for hip-hop and working with the Wu Tang Clan and Macklemore among many others. His popular songs include “In Da Club” and “What’s Going on Upstairs?”

Lee Corey Oswald

A Portland native. Lee sings punk and pop. Professional poker player turned musician, Lee is famous for “Bullshit Stories” and “Progress”.

Neck Deep

Hailing from the UK, this pop punk band is best known for their hit song, “Losing Teeth”.


With members from Tennessee and South Carolina, this band falls into the hardcore and punk categories. Their most popular song has been “Free Mind”.

Numerous other artists have also been added to the lineup, including:

  • Handguns, a pop punk, rock band.
  • Front Porch Step, a solo acoustic punk artist.
  • Alive Like Me, an alternative, hardcore band.
  • Blessthefall, a hardcore band.
  • Family Force 5, an alternative, pop band from Georgia.

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