Drake & Lil Wayne

Friday, August 8, 2014 at 7:00 PM

Buy Tickets for Drake at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center

Drake and Lil Wayne perform live at Darien Lake Performing Arts Center this August.

Drake vs Lil Wayne – The Tour

Want to see rap music history happen before your eyes? Drake and Lil Wayne have teamed up, are now going on tour together and will stop 31 times. Drake vs Lil Wayne is going to make headlines everywhere and has already started by being the highest priced tour ever in rap music history. Tickets are very expensive, but it is well worth the cost to watch two of the biggest stars hit the stage together.

The tour begins in New York on August 8th and will come to a close in late September in Texas. Virtually all major cities will be visited from Chicago to Atlanta and Los Angeles.

Drake, hitting the spotlight in 2009, is a worldwide phenomenon at the moment and has sold over 5 million albums across the globe. What songs will he have on his playlist? “Started from the Bottom” is a definite choice, but no one knows for certain. The two have kept the show a big secret, but judging from a recent performance, you can expect over 20 songs on his set list. “The Motto,” “Headlines,” and “Trophies” are almost a certainty.

Lil Wayne had some rather depressing news for fans announcing that his next album would be his last. This, however, has put a lot of speculation on the artist. Will this be his last tour? Chances are that he will end with one more tour without Drake, but fans can expect Lil Wayne to be fiercer than ever. Wayne will likely perform “How to Love,” “Pop That” and “Still Fly.”

Wayne and Drake have been known to collaborate together and often cover each other’s songs during their shows. Fans can expect the two to be on stage together at some time during the show and Young Money artists will likely rotate into shows from one city to the next.

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